What is Amazon affiliate program and how it works

              Affiliate Program amazon 

If you are running a web portal, information website or blog you would expect some earning for the effort you are putting in your website.

Google Adsense could give you regular income, however, there are limitations with google Adsense account.

  • Your domain should be at least 6 months old, in some cases, it should be one year old. Google would accept your application in case your domain is six months to one year old.
  • You should have original and valuable content on your website. You should have minimum 30-40 blogs and each blog should have minimum 300 words of the article.
  • There is no income prediction in AdSense account. Your income would depend on the per click rate of the ad. It is difficult to predict with how many clicks and total visit what would be your net income.
  • Google would take 40% of total income earned from ads in your website.

If you are a new blogger, you want to start earning as earliest as possible, you may not full fill all of above conditions. 

You can start with Amazon affiliate program which could start giving you a regular source of income on your content.

What is Amazone Affiliate program?

You have to sell Amazone products on your website. Amazon would provide you link and code of the products which you can embed in your website. If any user clicks on those product ads on your website and purchases the product you would get a fix commission on each product purchase. 

Would I get paid if the user only clicks on ad links?.

No, you will not be paid if a user only clicks on ad links. You will be paid only when the user purchases the product which user has clicked on your website.

How much I will be paid by Amazone on each product ?.

You can earn between 1-10% of commission on final product price on a different type of the product. Please find below pricing commission on the product with different categories.

How much time window is given to the user to make the purchase and qualify my site for paid bonus?

If the user has clicked on amazon product on your website and placed the order within 24 hours of click from Amazon site you are entitled to your commission.

In case the user has added product in the shopping cart and did not purchase a product immediately you still have chances of getting your commission. In case user adds the product to cart within 24 hours of click and make a purchase within 90 days of adding to cart you would still get the commission on the product.

What is the step by Step process to get Amazon Affiliate account 

Please check this article for step by Step guide to get Amazon Affiliate account.

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