Number of rape happening every year has doubled in last 15 year in India

 Number tells the Truth irrespective of any government, rape number doesn’t

 Seems to reduce. 

In fact Rape number has doubled in last 15 year. Looking at the data for last 15 year. 

There were around 16000 rape cases reported in year 2000. Exactly 15 year later this number has doubled which mean we have become more intolerant toward women. 

If we look at these numbers year by year. Every year there is some increase in the number of rape compared to previous year. Only year 2009 and 2015 has seen marginally decrease in rape from previous years.

With the time our society is becoming more intolerant. In last 15 year education standard in country has gone up which mean we have more educated people what we had 15 years back. This doesn’t seems to change the mind-set of people towards women despite being more educated rape number doesn’t seems to come down. Any government who makes claims  about women security law and order should look at these number before making these big claims. 

Let’s look at the top reason why Rape happens in India at such magnitude.

We have too less and corrupt police. 

India has least number of police ratio in the word. India has only 1 police per 1000 people. Countries like Russia has more than 5 police cop per 1000 person. This figure is three to four times in most of the countries in the world. Indian police is engaged most of the time protecting VIP leaving less number of police for common public. 3 cops are protecting 1 VIP in India. 

In many cases police is reluctant to register rape cases. Police sees rape victim with doubt in fact police cops take advantage of her situation. The case of custodial rape have also seen sharp increase in last15 year

We have too less Courts and back ward courts.

Comparing number of cases pending in the courts we have too less number of courts for case execution. The Allahabad High Court has only 160 judges to manage cases of 10 crore people. It takes years for a case to reach conclusion. Longer period of case trail means accused gets sufficient time window to play with the evidences. Evidences are lost because of long trail waiting period. Accused has no fear for law. 

Rape related cases should be treated separately by women judges to understand the woman prospective. Since Indian culture is dominated by man so victim woman cannot answer all the sex related question in front of a male judge. This make the rape case weaker. Most of the woman do not report rape cases because they are too shy to explain the case in front of male cop or male judge.


Poor sex ratio and unequal education for male and female

For every 100 boys there are only 92 girls. This ratio is below 80 in Haryana and some other part of the country. Always there would be 20 boys unmarried. Out of 20 there are chances that anyone could go violent when he turns adult. 

Girls and boys are not treated at same level some part of India. There are separate schools for boys and girl. If boys and girls study in same school there are good chances they would understand female prospective and they would not be violent while coming across a lonely female.


These are the few reasons there would be many other reason. Only government cannot stop this. Some fundamental changes needs to come from the mind-set of the people toward Woman. County of Gandhi which have given non-violence message to world could again lead a path of respect and peace with in itself.




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