How to use infolink

If you are a new blogger or content writer you would expect some earning from your blog in order to keep you motivated. 

As stated in my previous blog google Adsense is one way of making money out of your blog. Google Adsense has certain prerequisite which is little difficult for a new blogger to full fill initially. 

Prerequisite to get google Ad sense account approved.

How to Set up Amazon affiliate account

There is another service called info links. Infolink is service similar to google Adsense which lets you publish ads in your content. You make money on each click user makes on ads displayed on your website.

What are pre-requisites to join Infolinks?

There is no prerequisite to join or there is no traffic related prerequisite that the number of visitors should be x, y,z. If you have a new website with very little traffic(less than 100 visitors per day) you can still join Infolinks. You have very little content around 5-6 blogs you would be able to join Infolinks

what would be my Infolinks earnings Would I make more than google Adsense?

It all depends on traffic on your website. The per click ad rate is dynamic there is no formula for the exact money you would make. In some cases you can make more than google Adsense, in some cases, you would make less than google ad sense.


I already have google ads on my website can I use info link account.

Yes absolutely. Infolinks works well with google ads.You can use google ad and info link parallel.


How to login to Infolinks?

Create Infolinks account using the following link.

Infolinks Sing Up


What type of ads would be displayed on my site using Infolinks?

The ads inside the bar, footer, images ads in the middle of the page. Some words automatically selected become links. When user mouse hovers on links ads are displayed.

How much time does it take to approve the account in Infolinks?

Once you register and create your profile using above links it will take two working days to get your account approved. In most of the cases, the account gets approved as long as you are not violating any Infolinks policy.

How can I activate ads in my WordPress site or custom website once my account is approved?

If you are using a WordPress site you can use the plugin. The plugin is available in your account in Infolinks. You need to upload plugin in WordPress and activate it. Ads would be automatically displayed on your website once the plugin is activated. You do not need to write any extra code.

If you have a custom website you can use the javascript code from your Infolinks account. You need to insert the code at the end of each page. 

Plugin and the code have your unique id which keeps track of your clicks and other parameters on your website.


I would rate info link 4 out of 5 in terms of easy to use,  very friendly configuration tool for a new web site. If you are a new blogger and have less traffic in your website go for Infolinks.







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