How to book local train ticket online

Railway has launched a new App to book the local ticket online. 

To book the quick tickets you need to be within 5 km of your originating station. You have to stand outside the station to book the ticket. you can not book tickets standing on the platform inside the railway station. For security reasons, you have to stand outside the railway station around 10-50 meter away from the platform. 

You can also book a seasoned ticket from UTS app. Seasoned ticket means you can book a ticket for one month, three months or six months. You can book seasoned ticket from anywhere you do not have to be in any distance range for it.

You need to first download UTS App from App store by searching UTS.

Once App is installed click on sign up and create your profile by filling certain details.

Once you fill the details you will password in SMS. This would be your permanent password. Please use this password.

You have to create your profile like frequent source station and destination station. You can add up to five frequent station.

You can then fill a couple of other details like journey type and number adults etc.

You need to put money in your wallet to book the ticket online. You can recharge by clicking on recharge wallet.

Once you top up your wallet you can do the quick booking of your daily routes or any other routes and seasoned tickets.

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