Facts about India Railways.

India Railway is world's third largest and Asia's biggest railway network. The first train started in 1853 between Thane and Mumbai in India.

  • There are 14,300 trains runs by Indian Railway every day.
  • Indian railway has  63,028 kilometers of train track route. Total distance covered by 14,300 trains every day is equal to 3.5 times the distance between earth and moon.
  • The highest rail bridge in the word is being constructed by India railway in river Chenab J&K. It will be taller than Effie tower 
  • There are total 75000 railway station in the country.
  • The Longest railway tunnel in India is 11.215 KM long in peer panjal J&K completed in 2012

  • Nilgire express is slowest train in India runs at 10 Km/ hour.
  • Salaries of train driver are more than salaries of Software engineer. Indian Railway drivers are paid more than 1 lac per month
  • The most unliable train in india railway is Guwhati Express. It is late by 10 hours average
  • The Longest train is Vikas Express running between Jammu Tavi and Kanyakumari. It covers 4449 kilometer of distance.

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